Our freelance lives are often so occupied with client work that we don't take the time to focus on ourselves. To ensure you keep showing up and putting in your best effort, self-reflection is an important step.

Make a point of reflecting on your current situation and where you want to be both professionally and personally.

Don't know where to begin? Let me share five reflection questions with you that will help you slow down, recharge, and get inspired!

1. Is there anything that inspires me to be creative?

There are times when creativity strikes like a bolt of lightning. However, it is also possible to manufacture creativity. Remember that feeling of being inspired when you were able to create something. Did anything stand out in particular? Maybe most of those occurrences occurred at a certain time of day, or after you completed a certain routine. Perhaps you were listening to a particular kind of music - or no music at all.

If you've found your muse (or muses), use this knowledge to establish a ritual to help you enter the "creating zone". You don't need to wait for inspiration to come - you can discipline it into appearing when you want it.

2. What type of work intrigues me?

It is inevitable that we all have to do some work we don't particularly enjoy. Freelancing isn't always fun and exciting. Sometimes it's just not all that interesting, either. It's all part of life. Even on your worst days, there is some kind of work that will light you up, and that's what you should try very hard to pursue.

You shouldn't expect all of your work to be enjoyable, but you shouldn't go through life only doing boring tasks. Freelancers have a lot of freedom in choosing which clients they work with and which work they focus on, so make use of it!

3. Is there a time when I feel most happy?

Consider approaching this question in the same manner as the creativity question. Are there any types of activities or experiences that precede most of the feelings of happiness you have? Achieving goals? Talking to your friends? Enjoying some Taco Bell and an episode of your favorite show? Think about how you can incorporate little happy moments throughout your day.

However, you will not feel happy all the time. Sometimes, you can summon happiness, as well as creativity. You just have to learn how to do so.

4. Is There Anything I Must Hear Every Day?

When it comes to this one, it might be a little difficult if you are not used to taking care of yourself first. However, it is something that you should try.

Having trouble? Try looking at it from the backwards perspective. Have you heard anything positive from your friends and family that made you feel great? Have you ever experienced something that energized you to continue, or helped alleviate your tension?

Upon knowing what you need to hear, then talk to people who can give you what you need to hear.

5. What am I good at?

There's a good chance you already know your elevator pitch. You know what services you offer and who your target audience is. However, your qualifications and talents extend beyond your professional capabilities.

Would you consider yourself a good listener? Are you good at making people laugh? Do you have a special knack for managing time or coming up with original solutions to complex problems? Is there a way that you can use those specialties to enhance your offerings and improve your own quality of life?

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