Free in Freelancer does not mean Free Work

We hear a lot of stories of people trying to take advantage of freelancers when beginning their freelancing journey. Veteran freelancers advise never to start a gig without an advance and keep away from people who ask for free samples. Here is one story where a company tried to take advantage of a freelancer. 

The promise of large future work order based performance 

Tulasha was approached by a company that recruited her with the promise of a large contact if they like her work. She gladly accepted and started working with them after the company agreed to pay for her work whether they use it or not. 

Delay tactics used by the company 

She completed 2 blogs of 500 -1000 words. When she asked for the payment the HR kept on delaying then flat out refused to pay her saying that her content was not up to the mark.

Tulasha's call-out on Linkedin

Tulasha decide not to take this lying down called out the company in a LinkedIn post and tagged them

After she looked through their website in detail she found out that they had used her content and tagged the link in the post as well.

Caught red-handed

​Caught red-handed the company immediately remove the blog from their website. Now when you clicked on the link. It just returns a page not found error.

Protect your Money and Content

​It is great that Tulasha did not take the injustices done to her and callout out the fraudsters on Linkedin. But why go through all this hassle. Take precaution. Always take an advance when you work with someone new, stay away from clients who want free samples, and request payment through Vouch to protect your freelancing payment and get guaranteed payments

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is Fraud Chronicle#17. Check back here for more fraud chronicles and frauds that you can protect yourself from.


Safety is not just about protecting your credit or debit card number. It's about getting paid for your hard work!

Note: This is a good-faith initiative to educate the world about how to avoid frauds like these. Do you have a fraud that you would like to report? Please write to us at