You must have read tons of blogs on how to start freelancing but let's talk about something unconventional here. No one tells you this!

Entrepreneurs are Hustlers. Have you heard that? Truth is freelancers need to hustle as well. Starting to freelance is more like starting your own business right? Just like Entrepreneurs, Freelancers also lose sleep, go through unbearable stress, skip outings with friends and family, on.

Bad News: Freelancing is challenging and you have to sacrifice a lot to grow as a Solepreneur.

Good News: There are proven helpful suggestions to make your experience less painful and grow more.

Everyone tells you, what to do! Hardly anyone tells you, what not to do but we’re here to help you taste the bitter soup.

1. Mental Preparation.

 I will not want to sugar coat it for you, "Freelancing involves a lot of risks."

For example, Someone decided to start freelancing 3 months ago and accepted a few projects for free. But now, the next client also wants to try your skills with free projects! Those clients don't consider your pending bills and family responsibilities.

Your case might not be the same, but you get the analogy. Life is very uncertain. You don’t know what happens next.

My realization is that if you want to start freelancing you should be prepared to think about the uncertainty. What if I don’t get clients after this project is over? Your chase of hunting high paying clients will never  end.
You need to be prepared for the late nights, deadlines, client insecurities, their micromanagement, count revisions and the demands continue!

Choosing freelancing over your safe job is a hard decision so take time for mental preparation. Success doesn’t come to people who play safe.

2. The Worst-Case Scenario.

Have you figured out, what will you do if your current project is the last project that you have? And none after you finish this for the next two months?

Do you have a Plan B?

If not! Then you should before you decide to start freelancing because disappointments are inevitable in your freelancing journey.

There will obviously be people who cheat on you, promised something and delivered nothing.

Make sure you’re a part with a community to help you out. Educate yourself about the tools that are available, the taxes that you need to pay.

Payments are very risky if you don’t have an extra measure to protect it. You can use Vouch to protect your payments by requiring advance payments. Vouch is a trust builder. Vouch holds the money till the Buyer and the Freelancer/Seller complete their transaction thus protecting the money and guaranteeing better outcomes for both.

GO Ahead and face them! 

Have you mentioned on your social media handle's that you freelance in a specific niche?

Have you journaled your learning on social media?

Do you make it a point to post something of value every single day?

If not! Go ahead and do them right away.

If you haven't joined our community, Go ahead and join them here: Our Freelance Community

We will put you in touch with other freelancers and guide you throughout your process of being a Master Freelancer.

4. A Skimmable Portfolio

Your portfolio represents you when you are not around.

Would you overwhelm any individual with all about you, in your very first meeting? Would you share every detail about yourself if you are on a date? No right? You'll behave according to the context of the situation, you'll be sweet and humble. You'll put your best self out there. Similarly, work on your portfolio like you would prepare for a date.

Present your best works, and explain your takeaways from those projects. Don't treat your portfolio like a bin to dump all your work.

If you're applying to a Fin-Tech Startup, make sure to include only the projects you've done in the Fin-Tech industry.

Applying for freelance jobs requires conscious attention and efforts. Tailor your resume and portfolio for every job that you apply.

5. Reach out to your friends and family

Ask for Help! Your family and friends have a huge network out there. If you don't leverage it, even you won't be able to help yourself.

Go ahead and collect the gold from the already dug goldmine.

Good Luck!

Keep this cautions in your mind when you start to decide to freelance and they'll immensely help.
Reaching out is the key, communicate what you want and you might have it. Do not communicate what you want, you will never have it.