Most of the time, it feels like everything in life is speeding up and your business is lacking behind.

It's one of the most discussed questions. Speeding up your Business = more sales + increase in revenues. 

An overall sustainable growth involves refining the processes, e.g., faster recruitments, completing daily tasks.

So, How to recruit faster? How to complete daily tasks faster? How to Speed up your Business?

The answers might look different and contextual all these questions. Yet, there is one common answer – Trust.

Build Trust

Trust is the one thing that drives everything. Trust speeds up businesses, relationships, processes and so on. So, if you have trust – you can be cruising in whatever you do.

How to Build Trust?

Let's take one question as an example– How to do more sales faster? Most people suggest that you need to increase marketing, hire more workforce or create faster. But almost no one encourages to foster trust. It has become a sort of folklore that it takes lots of money, publicity and marketing to build a brand. It's Not really true!

It's a common notion that when you’re Trusted, you are somewhat considered as a Brand – big or small. Conversely, when you are a Brand, you’re Trusted. 

In fact, a Brand is simply a set of beliefs and expectations that have been reinforced over and over by their customers. It is the outcome of delivering something consistently.

The time it takes to deliver the product, the price, the quality, the care shown towards customers, the alignment between what is said and what is delivered, all contribute towards this “Brand”.

The famous stuff that is supposed to denote a brand, i.e., logos, captions, one-liners. These are all mere indicators of the brand.

At its core – a "brand" is built on Trust

Visual expressions such as a logo, make people tangibly associate themselves with the brand and recall better.

In fact, in the absence of trust, the visual assets don’t matter at all. As much as the visuals drive recall, having negative trust or no trust will only result in loss.

So, How do you build trust?

Before we answer that, let's dig in a bit into what’s going on in the world.

As the world has evolved and become more connected with the internet and mobile phones, it has spawned a wide variety of independent people. From freelancers to the internet and social sellers, the number of independent individuals is only growing.

Independent people who are not attached to any organization and are forging their own paths and creating their own brands.

And as this unfolds, almost no attention has been paid by anyone about helping these independent people and their customers/users create trust. Yet, the one thing that would help them do business faster is Trust in them. Can trust be fostered quicker? Yes.

With a combination of payment protection, transaction history, visibility into how other users and customers who have done business with them, trust can be built faster. As the business and professional ages, trust gets reinforced. Trust can be built quickly but it needs the right tools.