If you are a freelancer, milestone payments are the best way to ensure that you get paid and that your payment will be timely. The statement of work, or contract, serves your clients as well because each task you ask for payment for should be specified clearly.

Freelancers and contractors receive milestone payments as they progress through the course of a project.

Milestone payments for freelancers in india

A milestone payment usually indicates that a freelancer or contractor has completed the client's request. In the case of freelancers and contractors, payments are made when a percentage of the freelancer or contractor's tasks is agreed as completed by the freelancer or contractor and his or her client.

What are the advantages of milestone payments for freelancers?

You can easily divide your project into chunks  

Each milestone usually consists of smaller goals called deliverables, which represent the steps that must be completed to complete your task.

Set of acceptance criteria 

Every deliverable you create will allow you to determine when you have completed your work with your client.

Milestones lock in dates to keep your project on track -

When you provide Milestones with an estimated delivery date and the cost of that delivery, you ensure your cash flow is directly tied to the contract.

During the early stages of the project, milestone payments allow you to determine if you can trust the client: 

Milestone payments reduce the risk of non-payment. If something should go wrong midway through a project, you could end your contract rather than working on it for months and trying to resolve any payment disputes.

Your cash flow will improve: 

This one is simple, make more money, more often. Milestone payments can help you stay afloat and pay for the tools and resources you need to work on your projects successfully.

What are the benefits of milestone payments for clients?

Developing trust with freelancers and contractors: New business relationships involve some risk for everyone involved. When working with freelancers or contractors, you need to ensure that the project is completed as per your specifications. However, if you expect freelancers or contractors to assume 100% of the risks, you will end up losing talent.

Your freelancers and contractors will feel more comfortable working with you if you break your project up into milestones with clear deliverables and acceptance criteria

With a milestone payment system like Vouch, you can easily outline projects and pay freelancers or contractors.

Steps in milestone payments -

 Listed below are the steps required for a normal milestone payment mechanism -

  1. Briefly describe the purpose of your project.
  2. Include major milestones in the project scope.
  3. Provide your client with a list of the deliverables you're supposed to do or deliver for each milestone, as well as any acceptance criteria or exclusions (things you won't deliver) for each deliverable.
  4. Be sure to include your cost estimates for each milestone.
  5. Provide an overview of your schedule, including estimated completion and milestone dates.

How Vouch makes milestone payments easier?

Vouch helps a freelancer set milestones. A freelancer can divide the work into chunks and get paid after every deliverable is submitted. Upon releasing Milestone Payments, funds are deposited into the freelancer's account. Payment is released when the client is completely satisfied with the freelancer's work.

Add details of the project and the total amount 

Add the total amount after selecting your client's contact on Vouch and the details of the project altogether. 

freelancer payments

Create milestones

milestone payments for freelancers

Create chunks of the project. Add details of every milestone including the expectations, amount of the milestone, and the date you promise to deliver the milestone.

Mark it as delivered 

After completing the deliverables, mark the task/milestones as delivered on Vouch and attach proof of delivery. The amount will be deposited into your account.

What can Vouch do to make freelancers' lives easier?

In recent years, freelance work has been growing in popularity, and it is not surprising that scams targeting freelancers are also on the rise. As scammers attempt to trick workers into handing over their information and money, they pose as employers to take advantage of people in need of work or an extra income. Vouch is a platform that can solve every problem that a freelancer faces in his career

Transact without risk

Information no longer has to be shared with strangers over the internet. You can initiate a transaction with a client even if he isn't on Vouch. Once Vouched, you don't have to double-check the details of clients. Once a transaction is funded, you can begin working.

Create a free portfolio 

You need to provide relevant examples and showcase your expertise in order to win the projects you really want. With Vouch freelancers can build their portfolio, price their services, and charm clients with their professionalism. It eliminates the need to send portfolios via email. All it takes is to share a link to your Vouch profile. 

You can request advance payments without putting your client at risk

How to make a client trust you as a freelancer

Through Vouch, you can ask for an advance from your client without risking their money. The money is guaranteed to be returned. The client receives a refund in less than a minute if the freelancer fails to deliver the work.

Get your reviews in one place

How to create a free portfolio

For freelancers, testimonials and reviews from previous clients are also crucial to their success. Clients can review your services and you can share your experience with the client on Vouch. This can help you build a reputation and manage to get more clients.

Vouch, no doubt is the best escrow platform for freelancers.

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