​The worst thing we saw during the lockdown, other than a coronavirus, was television actors not receiving their wages on time. Numerous actors experienced financial difficulties as a result of the producers of numerous TV shows delaying payments. When they ran out of money, many who had come to Mumbai with huge dreams had to pack up and return to their hometowns. Some actors were able to secure financial support from their co-stars and friends; the others were unsuccessful. Many actors as a result ended their lives and left their shows. This did not stop even after the pandemic.

Neha Mehta, has not yet been paid what she is owed for Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Actress Neha Mehta left Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah two years ago and hasn't appeared on any TV projects since. The actress, who recently wrapped up filming for a Gujarati movie, admits in an exclusive interview that Taarak Mehta's producers have not yet paid her the outstanding balance.

Neha Mehta claimed in an interview that she leads a very respectable life, doesn't believe in whining about anything, played the role of Anjali for 12 years before leaving the program in 2020, and that the payment for her final six months is still waiting. Neha added that she called them a few times after leaving the program to discuss her outstanding debts and expressed hope that she would be able to receive her hard-earned money back.

After Taarak Mehta, Neha hasn't landed a new TV gig. She claims, "I am anticipating solid bids. TV is a fantastic medium that has greatly benefited me. But after acting in one play for 12 years, I didn't want to join another one right away. Additionally, I'm concentrating on fresh ideas and building my own production company. Soon, I intend to begin production on a web show."
Neha says while discussing the web, "The web is a fantastic alternative to TV, but it will never fully replace television. There is a huge audience for television, and people in India really enjoy watching it."

For 12 years, Neha portrayed Anjali in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. She left the show in 2020, and Sunayna Fozdar was brought in to play Anjali, Taarak Mehta's (Shailesh Lodha) wife.

The producer's take on Neha Sharma's claim

After Neha Mehta stated that she had not yet received her dues for the previous six months, the producers of the well-known show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah released an official statement. The sitcom's creators not only denied all of Neha's accusations, but also labelled them as "fake." According to the statement, Neha has not yet completed her formalities even though the production company for the show attempted to contact her. Additionally, it was stated that Neha has not been returning calls and emails from the show's end since since she left.

"Not paid by the producers for our work" - Humari bahu Silk actor Zaan's story. 

Media outlets had stopped operating as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown for an astonishing three months. At this point, we discussed how various TV characters and coworkers approached and shared their stories of having severe financial difficulties due to the non-installation of tax. Due of this, a small number of celebrities lifted their voices in support of those who were unfortunate.

One such incident happened with the Actor from Hamari Bahu Silk who was going through a severe financial difficulty in COVID-19. Zaan Malik complained about the show's producers not paying his dues. He revealed that since June 2019, they have been waiting for their debts to be settled and that they have not gotten anything from the producers in exchange for the work they completed over the previous seven to eight months. He began filming for the show in April, and it debuted in May. After 100 days, the first payment was issued for 15 days. They thought that since the concert was performing well, the dues would be paid.

Last year, they gave him a check, but it bounced. They threatened him when he began to ask for money and even said that he could do whatever he wanted to. They asserted that they have suffered damages, which he did not believe to be the case. The channel has given them their money. Only 7% of what is owed to him has been received so far.

A lot of actors committed suicide because they did not have any projects to work on, plus they ran into financial crisis. Unemployment can also become an opportunity for you in life. Read our blog on  - What you can do to turn unemployment into a positive situation? 

What should actors do to save themselves from landing into such situations?

When working with producers, actors should be cautious, especially new actors and actresses. When an actor is fresh to the industry, the risk of fraud is highest. They might be conned, but their tale might not be heard since they are unknown to a larger audience.

One such platform that can benefit actors and actresses in receiving compensation is Vouch. Vouch's escrow allows producers who are reluctant to pay new artists in advance to do so without having to worry about their finances. The actors' fee is returned to the producers if the actors do not do what they were paid for.