What is the difference between organic and paid content? This is usually a hot topic, and I receive a lot of inquiries about it. Organic content, while it may appear to be the simplest and most promising alternative, can actually be a terrific way to drive customers (and money) to your organization.

Organic content, as you may know, is content that you create for free. This content is found by your audience looking for keywords. With that in mind, all you need are some techniques for people to locate you. The content framework we use is listed below, and we recommend that you use it as well.

Great content marketing has a beginning and, if done effectively, no end. You don't want it to end because you're getting highly targeted leads for a low price, so why would you want to stop?

Let's look at some organic content tactics that can help your company grow.


This is the cornerstone of your agency's organic content lead-generating machine. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. They're an excellent method to get in front of your target audiences and demonstrate who you are and what you do. Making a podcast may sound daunting and out of your comfort zone, but now is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and take advantage of this fantastic tool.

There are over 900,000 podcasts and over 28 million episodes as of March 2020!

The term "podcasting" is familiar to 75% of the US population.

Podcast listeners account for 50% of all households in the United States.

People enjoy podcasts, and the more they learn about you, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Podcasts are similar to having a one-on-one discussion with your listeners.

You begin, be sure to record all podcasts in video format for video content and repurposing marketing efforts....make it professional and done correctly, but also natural.

Content Syndication

The word "content syndication" refers to the act of distributing your material throughout the internet in various locations.

Your Blog, Youtube, and Vimeo — Video can be uploaded to prominent video hosting sites such as Youtube and Vimeo. Use BuzzSprout to syndicate your podcast to all major platforms (iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitchers, and so on), and use the BuzzSprout embed player in your blog with transcribed show notes and links to URLs referenced throughout the podcast episode.

Repurposed Content

When you record a video, you have a number of material options. There are services that allow you to convert video from your podcast (or other sources) into 1–2 minute video memes, audiograms, graphic memes, and other formats. Each podcast should create at least 5 to 7 video memes that can be reused in your organic content initiatives.

Set up a Google Drive or equivalent filing system to save the content, and your agency will have a vast library to draw from for promotions, conversation starters, and so on...

Content Schedulers

You can use AgoraPulse to schedule and distribute your organic social media content; just make sure you study hashtags and platforms that are appropriate for your target audience. We discovered that having 3–5 platforms that you master over time is preferable to aiming to be on every platform available.

Although AgoraPulse has a terrific function that optimizes your content delivery based on engagement, we've observed that using this feature with scheduled promotional content campaigns might get you in trouble, it's a good idea to take manual control when running an aggressive and focused campaign.

Content Optimization

If you want to get as many organic visits as possible, make sure your content is fully optimized. We didn't say website optimization; obviously, you should do that as well, but we're talking about optimizing the material on YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, and other platforms. Do keyword research, title tags, hashtags, and so on, and use each platform to create an optimal digital footprint throughout the internet that supports one blog piece on your site.

When you combine the optimization of the other platforms and point them all to your optimized blog piece, you'll see significant organic rankings in a short period of time.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the great cloud-based tools we have at our disposal make it simple to create and disseminate a lot of world-class content. It takes some setup work and consistency overtime to get a true ROI from organic content, but if you follow the suggestions in this post and keep the material coming with a targeted message, you'll have a cascade of organic leads before you realize it.

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