Escrow Accounts are for those who are thinking about buying another house and will most likely come across the term escrow account and its benefits. Given the importance of an escrow account and the impact it has on homebuyers, it is critical for first-time buyers to understand what it means.

Escrow is defined as bonds, deeds, or other instruments held in the custody of a third party/outsider and delivering results only when a specific requirement is met.

Meaning of escrow account

Any transaction necessitates the involvement of at least two parties. The first provides the service or goods, while the second pays for them. For clarity, we'll refer to the service provider as the taker (of money) and the buyer of these services as the giver (of money.)

An escrow account is created when a third party, known as an escrow agent, is involved in a transaction with the goal of keeping it safe and secure for both parties. An escrow account is essentially a bank account that is controlled by a third party.

An escrow account is a legal-financial arrangement in which third party stores and controls funds or assets for two parties involved in a transaction and then release them in the taker's name once the taker has met all of the terms and conditions outlined in a predetermined agreement. Escrow accounts can hold money and securities. It is difficult to open an escrow account because not all banks offer this service.

Advantages of an Escrow Account

An escrow account protects both parties in a transaction: the seller is not concerned about a buyer failing to pay, and the buyer is not concerned about not receiving the promised goods and services despite paying. This concept is extremely useful and widely used in the real estate industry.

Escrow accounts in real estate.

According to the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 70% of homebuyer advances for a housing project are deposited in an escrow account managed by a scheduled bank in India. Similarly, 70% of the bank loans obtained for this housing project should be held in this escrow account.

The funds in the escrow account must only be used for the purchase of land and the construction of the housing project. This ensures that the builder does not misuse buyer advances, which is a common practice that has led to large-scale project delays and insolvencies.

RERA includes stringent provisions for scrutinizing a builder's operations while allowing him to earn money based on the percentage of the project completed. The escrow agent releases funds from the escrow account to the builder after all criteria in the builder-buyer agreement have been met.

As a result, a chartered accountant must audit the builder's account every six months to ensure that the project funds are being used for the intended purpose.

With its clearly defined deadlines and pre-conditions, an escrow account eliminates any room for speculation for both parties, making any transaction less vulnerable to scams and fraud.

Escrow in the rental lodging space in India

With new-age digital escrow service providers offering simple solutions, the concept is likely to become ingrained in India's notoriously opaque real estate market. While real estate escrow in India is still in its infancy, it has enormous potential. Not only homeowners but also renters can directly benefit from an escrow system. Given how unregulated this industry is, it is the only way to protect the interests of both tenants and homeowners. The primary goal of a rental escrow account is to ensure that the landlord is following the legal requirements for maintaining a safe and healthy environment. This can be used to make rent payments on a rental property.

When should you consider using a third-party escrow account?

The seller's primary concern in most financial transactions is collecting payment, whereas the buyer's primary concern is protecting their investment and obtaining items in excellent condition. This is easily remedied by using escrow, a digital payment method. A purchaser can use escrow to store their assets in a bank-based escrow account that is restricted by an outsider. Only after all requirements in the two parties' financial agreement have been met does the third party release funds from the escrow account to the seller. The receiving party cannot withdraw funds from an escrow account unless the agreed-upon requirements are met.

As a result, it appears that this is a significant financial instrument for dealing with trust-related issues in industries such as real estate. For a long time, property engineers, vendors, and buyers have been fighting a climate of uncertainty in the land business. Anyone who has ever leased a home from a property seller understands the agony of entering into an agreement that is impossible to get out of without losing the initial money. Similarly, most dealers struggle to receive full payment from parties who use their services after the transaction is completed. However, having an escrow system in place prevents such shady situations from occurring.

The escrow mechanism operates on a timetable that eliminates the appetite for assumption in trades. The transaction's parties can track the flow of funds and the status of the contractual commitment. Buyers' funds and sellers' offerings are safe in the hands of diligent specialists because transactions are overseen by them.

According to experts, an escrow account not only helps to prevent fraud, but it is also a very useful concept in the fields of intellectual property, law, and motor vehicles. Furthermore, startups and growing businesses can use escrow payment techniques to reduce risk in specific transaction instances such as procurement, supply chain, and professional services, among others.

Regular business

An escrow account is ideal for certain types of transactions. These transactions are designed so that money is received in regular or irregular intervals rather than all at once.

Common transactions include revenue-sharing escrows for joint ventures, milestone escrows linked to performance and/or any obligation, escrows for franchisor-franchisee and anchor-dealer models, e-tendering-linked escrows, and transactions requiring a secure mode of settlement via escrow structure. These transactions are, in general, standard business practices.

Lending and investing

When it comes to transferring funds, escrow accounts are invaluable. Remember that escrow/TRA is especially popular for project finance transactions. Discriminating corporate organizations also use DSRA, default escrows, and lending-linked debt servicing. Because of lower global interest rates, many corporations have borrowed from outside sources.

External escrows linked to commercial borrowing will be required. It is critical for companies that rent out equipment to collect money. Lease rental discounted escrows are used to meet these specific requirements. As many small and medium-sized businesses struggle with cash flow, escrow bank accounts for receivables purchase and invoice discounting are becoming more popular.


Since its inception, e-commerce has come a long way. E-commerce is becoming more common. As a result, as the company grows rapidly, these requirements have expanded to become global in scope. Escrow accounts are now widely used for e-commerce and payment processing in India. This is especially true if the payment is delayed for an extended period of time. Payment aggregators and payment nodal accounts are commonplace. In addition, prepaid instrument issuers use escrow accounts.

Acquisitions, mergers, and other business transactions

Escrows are important in business transactions. The acquirer could, for instance, put the deal's money into escrow. The escrow releases this money to the target company after they have complete possession of it. Escrows are used by parties when purchasing products and services on credit.

Finance for Projects

Banks are concerned that a corporation might shift the loaned funds to other initiatives when it comes to project finance. Banks and businesses agree to move the loan amount to an escrow in such circumstances. The project is then paid for according to completion by the escrow, which makes partial payments along the way.


Escrowed shares are held securely in a third-party account after being issued. Only if a few requirements are met is the money given to the shareholders. As an illustration, many businesses offer restricted shares to their staff as remuneration. But only after meeting the prerequisites can the employees redeem these shares.

Online shopping or Online Transactions

The degree of trust in internet transactions is really low. The purchaser is uncertain as to whether the product will ever be delivered or whether it will satisfy expectations. As a result, in these transactions, the buyer pays an escrow. Escrow only pays the seller after the product has been delivered and verified.

Digital escrow

Due to their short turnaround times, digital escrow services are proven to be a boon in both domestic and foreign markets. Escrow services have historically been a part of the solution package offered by all banks, with the drawback of a longer setup and processing time. Currently, digital escrow is available, allowing P2P parties to establish accounts and streamlining traditional procedures through online KYCs to enable seamless commercial flows, particularly for online marketplaces.

​​Digital escrow service in India

Digital escrow services are offered by many companies in India. Among the most trusted is Vouch

Vouch’s Digital Escrow service is a transparent way for buyers and sellers to build trust and secure a clean transfer of product and payment. Sellers can feel assured that they will be fairly compensated promptly, and buyers will feel confident that their orders will be delivered as expected and on schedule. Vouch Digital Escrow keeps you updated and informed at every step of the transaction process till the end. Vouch’s professionals are always available to assist you with all queries that you may have during the entire transaction process. 

There is no scope for deceit or fraud since the payments, shipping, delivery, and execution are carried out under the honest and watchful eyes of the Vouch’s professionals. With Vouch, any business transaction becomes transparent, uncomplicated, and hassle-free.

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