During the course of a transaction between two parties, a third party holds a temporary pass-through account known as an escrow account. This is a temporary account because it is active until the transaction process is finished, which takes place after all the terms between the buyer and the seller have been resolved.

Escrow Meaning

A transient account that is only active while the transaction is being completed is how we define escrow. The account is closed once all of the terms between the buyer and seller have been satisfied. Typically, escrows call for the deposit of a document with monetary worth. Legal instruments, deeds, written instruments, pledges to pay, licenses, patents, checks, bonds, or mortgages are a few examples of these documents.


Escrow account meaning

Escrow is a short-term account. Only after the contractual obligation has been fulfilled does the third party release the funds. It lessens the chance of deception as a result. Now that the escrow account meaning is clear let's proceed to what is an escrow account? and how does an escrow account work?

What is an escrow account?

The escrow agent is in charge of escrow accounts. Only after certain contractual duties have been fulfilled does the agent release the assets or money. It is a standard procedure when dealing with expensive goods and services, particularly for long-term contracts. The agreement is also referred to as an escrow agreement. This is how we define escrow. Now that we know what is an escrow account, let's get to know how it works. 

How does an escrow account work?

Let's talk about a straightforward escrow account transaction where a buyer buys high-value goods from a seller.

Through an escrow, the buyer and seller agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the contract. Following the agreement, the next actions are taken:

The buyer funds the escrow account with the transaction money. The third party informs the seller as a result.

The product is then delivered to the buyer by the seller. Following this, the customer checks the product.

When the buyer confirms, the escrow then transfers the money to the seller's account.

It is crucial to understand that the escrow account closes after the buyer obtains the product and the seller receives payment.

You might be wondering what is an escrow account in a bank? That too works the same way.

Escrow service meaning

Before money or assets are transferred from one party to another in a transaction, a neutral third party is said to be keeping them in escrow. Until both the buyer and the seller have complied with the terms of the contract, the third party keeps the money. Now that we know the escrow service meaning, let's understand its use in different use cases.

Escrow in real-estate

In real estate, the money that comes in for a project's development from any source is kept in an escrow account, and the money that is used for it comes from the same account. Even the purchasers of housing units in a project transfer the purchase price of the property to the escrow account and the money is not released to the seller until the project is finished.

To ensure that the builder has enough money to finish the project, the seller may occasionally receive construction-related payments from the escrow account. The waterfall process of prioritization, which makes priority-based payments to the involved parties, is advantageous to sellers as well.

Acquisitions, mergers, and other business transactions

Escrows are important in business transactions. The acquirer could, for instance, put the deal's money into escrow. The escrow releases this money to the target company after they have complete possession of it. Escrows are used by parties when purchasing products and services on credit.

Finance for Projects

Banks are concerned that a corporation might shift the loaned funds to other initiatives when it comes to project finance. Banks and businesses agree to move the loan amount to an escrow in such circumstances. The project is then paid for according to completion by the escrow, which makes partial payments along the way.


Escrowed shares are held securely in a third-party account after being issued. Only if a few requirements are met is the money given to the shareholders. As an illustration, many businesses offer restricted shares to their staff as remuneration. But only after meeting the prerequisites can the employees redeem these shares.

Online shopping or Online Transactions

The degree of trust in internet transactions is really low. The purchaser is uncertain as to whether the product will ever be delivered or whether it will satisfy expectations. As a result, in these transactions, the buyer pays an escrow. Escrow only pays the seller after the product has been delivered and verified.

Can you withdraw funds from the escrow account?

The escrow agreement forbids the withdrawal of funds or assets until all contractual obligations have been met. Someone else is in charge of the escrow. This could be a bank, financial institution, escrow agency, or business offering the service. Deposited money or property cannot be retrieved without permission.

Digital escrow

Now that the escrow account meaning is clear, next comes Digital escrow. Due to their short turnaround times, digital escrow services are proven to be a boon in both domestic and foreign markets. Escrow services have historically been a part of the solution package offered by all banks, with the drawback of a longer setup and processing time. Currently, digital escrow is available, allowing P2P parties to establish accounts and streamlining traditional procedures through online KYCs to enable seamless commercial flows, particularly for online marketplaces.

​​Digital escrow service in India

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