Over the last few years, data analysis has been at the forefront of things across several industries. Several different companies are on the lookout for data analysis specialists to help them with their work. In order to predict the future of the company, data analytics is of critical importance in understanding customer trends and user behavior.

Working as a freelance data analyst can take you to a wide variety of companies in different parts of the world! A freelancer works remotely regardless of where they are located. Freelance data analysts conduct their daily duties from the comfort of their own homes.

What is Freelance Data Analysis?

It is common for data analysis and data science to be combined, yet the two are very different. The concept of data science can be thought of as a field that combines both programming and statistical analysis. Moreover, it features algorithmic construction and other predicative mathematical models.

However, freelance data analytics involves the statistical analysis of different data sets to generate actionable insights that can be put to use by businesses and companies. In most cases, data analytics is used to analyze decision-making, marketing, sales, and product development through visualizations such as Sankey plots, Likert scale analyses, and scatter plots.

Skills Needed to Become a Freelance Data Analyst

Professional data analysts typically have a background in STEM fields. Analysts are responsible for cleaning data sets, entering them into various online databases, and converting them into readable reports via content and visualization. Ideally, you should know at least one programming language, such as SQL.

It is also necessary to have a general understanding of mathematics, business knowledge, statistics, and domain expertise. In addition to having exceptional abilities in entrepreneurship, a competent freelance data analyst is knowledgeable about marketing, branding, lead generation, budgeting, content writing, and accounting.

There currently isn't a requirement for a data science degree to become a freelance data analyst. There are a lot of online courses and self-learning resources available to help you gain the knowledge you need. Make sure you have a solid base of knowledge in Python, Unix, R, or Statistical analysis. Additionally, you can learn some things from data analysis experts, and then you will be all set!

Freelance Data Analyst: How to Get Started

If you are in any way involved with freelancing, you will have to brand yourself and make yourself unique from other freelancers. To get started, create an online portfolio that will function as your marketing platform. Make sure your accounts, such as your LinkedIn profile, are up to date and ask potential employers for referrals.

Ideally, you should establish a website where you can list all of the past projects you have worked on. Include the feedback and recommendations of your clients. For easy job placement, register with several freelance platforms and look for gigs related to your niche. You can use these platforms:

Coding Ninjas

The selection process here involves a fifteen-minute English proficiency test to measure your language skills. A live interview, as well as a test project, are additional measures to ensure that all freelancers who join the platform are up to the standard. Coding Ninjas is primarily for designers, data scientists, and web developers with exceptional design skills.


A famous online community designed specifically for data scientists is Kaggle. There are a variety of competitions on this platform that range from earthquake prediction to sound tagging. The platform allows you to compete for cash prizes and to attract potential long-term clients.


Upwork has millions of freelancers from around the world and is among the best-performing freelancing platforms. Currently, there are over 2000 listings on the platform for freelance jobs related to data analysts. In order to compete for the jobs posted, you must submit an online application and demonstrate to the client that you are qualified to perform the job.

There are several steps that must be taken before your account can be approved. Create solid job titles to make your profile stand out and increase the chance of landing the job.


Fiverr is a successful online marketplace providing a range of affordable services to freelancers. This marketplace lets buyers and sellers interact with different types of jobs available. Data analysts can advertise their services in this marketplace where potential clients search for their services.

Why Choose to Become a Freelance Data Analyst?

You will have the opportunity to become your own boss in this job position. Working remotely and attending to different clients will allow you to make your own hours. In addition to giving you an amazing work/life balance, this position allows you to craft a flexible schedule based on your workload.

Predicting the workflow, in the long run, is the biggest challenge. For this reason, you must constantly market yourself in order to find a good number of potential clients.

Bottom Line

Freelance data analysts can earn a healthy income with flexible work hours. One of the first steps is to acquire the relevant skills and get started. You can use the above hacks and platforms to sell your services once you have acquired the required skills.

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