Success comes easily to some people. Whenever you turn around, something new is being announced about their professional achievements or career advancement.

It's easy to envy those with the fortune of always being in the best jobs, but they'll be the first to tell you that they make their own career luck. Check out these six tips to make your own career luck:

1. Be clear about what you want

When your goals are unclear, no longer relevant, or worse, not even yours, you can't achieve them. Rather than settling for what you "should" want based on what others think, consider what truly matters to you right now. Developing an action plan to accomplish your goals requires clarity and specificity.

2. Change your surroundings

As soon as you have clear goals, you need to align them with a supportive environment that prevents you from getting off track. The first step is to understand how you spend your time and where and with whom you invest your attention. Consider whether this choice helps you progress toward your goals or hinders you from achieving them. The fact that time is limited and non-renewable is a key reason why you should invest it wisely by prioritizing and focusing your attention on what really matters and setting clear boundaries.

In order to accomplish what you need to do, you need to let those who are holding you back go and find a new inner circle of positive people who are supportive of your goals.

3. Let others know what you are trying to accomplish

Once you have reached a certain level with your inner circle, share your intentions, ambitions, and dreams with them. You never know who knows someone who can help with an introduction or a referral, but if they are unaware that you need the help they cannot assist you. Make sure others know about your goals because the more people who know about them, the more likely you are to achieve them.

4. Get yourself out there

However clear your goal is, you can't expect opportunities to come your way; you must act. You should adopt the habit of continually stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on new challenges.

Growth mindset occurs naturally when you say yes to new opportunities and follow your curiosity. Additionally, saying yes creates a safe environment for experimentation, failure, learning, and innovation. You become more risk-tolerant by saying yes freely and encourage innovation by trying new things and taking a positive approach to success and failure.

5. Take the time to invest in yourself

Those who excel know the best investment they can make in themselves is their own development. Learning happens when one reads, watches, and listens so that one can learn and assimilate new information. This allows them to gain insights outside of their area of expertise, which can boost creativity and innovation, adding value to them. As part of their professional growth, they also prioritize and seek the advice of coaches and mentors to guide their professional journeys, to provide feedback, and to assure alignment with their goals.

6. Stick to your plan and do the work

It's impossible to get what you want without putting in the time and effort. Professional success isn't something that happens overnight, and there are no shortcuts. The hack to a successful career is hard work. As boring as it sounds, staying focused on what you want and consistently doing the work, day after day, is what ultimately matters.

If you follow these six steps, you'll be able to create your own career luck with no mystical wand.

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